Jim Parkman

Jim Parkman – Owner and General Manager

Jim is a founder of Epix Aviation and the director of its maintenance department. He is an FAA certified mechanic with Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) ratings and an Inspection Authorization (IA). He has been engaged in aircraft maintenance and aviation maintenance technician training for over 32 years. Jim is also a commercial pilot with instrument, single and multi-engine ratings and 2,000 hours of flight time. Customer service is a priority with Jim and he always takes the time to answer questions from students and certificated pilots alike about various aspects of the aircraft and their systems, aircraft maintenance as well as the intricacies of aircraft ownership and maintenance. Jim encourages you to reach him by phone (757-421-4973) or email


Mike Burke – CFI, CFII, MEI, Tailwheel endorsements, and Aerobatics Training, Chief Pilot
Lou RadwanickLou Radwanick – CFI, CFII, Tailwheel endorsements, and Aerobatics training
Aaron Law – CFI, CFII
Corey Ballard – CFI, CFII
George Lawler – CFI, and Tailwheel endorsements
Will Rabuse – CFI
Joe Pry – CFI
Alex Humphrey – CFI


Laura Galvez
Bill MeadorBill Meador
Katelyn Morgan
Abby Thomas
Mark Hubbert


Dirkus MaximusDirk van den Brink Jr. – A&P, IA
Bill RickardBill Rickard – A&P
Sammy Lancaster – A&P
Sean Ennis – Mechanic Apprentice
Glenn Cleveland – Mechanic Apprentice
Zach Parkman – Mechanic Apprentice
Taylor Gomez – Maintenance Tracking Specialist